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Curious to see the robot in action? Wondering what the robot can do out-of-the-box? Watch the selection of skills from the Furhat Library to discover what is available on the robot and in our Github. Then download the Software Development Kit (SDK) and try them out for yourself!


Still your curiosity by asking any fact-based question


Test your wit with your friends and see who scores the most points


Experience meeting with a social robot for the first time, and learn about the capabilities of the Furhat Robot


Help the robot learn humour. It will learn from your reactions.


Collaborate with the robot and a friend to sort the cards on the screen and earn points


Have a chat with Einstein, a personal trainer or Marvin the depressed robot powered by the GPT3 language model from OpenAI


Everything you need to get started with the Furhat Software Development Kit (FurhatSDK). Dive into our Developer Docs and you’ll be creating your first skill in no time.

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